About us

Entering new markets is exciting but challenging, and effective communication will be key in successful market entry and growth. Our objective is to provide your company with an added value in order to make it thrive, ensuring that the language barriers do not become an additional difficulty.


MP TRANSLATIONS was created as a young and dynamic company dedicated to the area of professional translation and our aim is to provide your company with an added value that will enable you to successfully compete in the international arena, ensuring that the language barriers do not become an additional difficulty. Our professionalism, experience and adaptability to our clients' needs helped to establish our company in the sector.

We have a team of very experienced translators that work solely in their speciality fields and translate only into their native languages. Even then, all of our translations are reviewed by a second specialised professional to ensure the highest level of quality. Only when this double quality process has been passed successfully, the translation is delivered to our clients. We strictly adhere to the agreed deadlines and maintain all the documentation received in the most absolute confidentiality.

The professionalism of our team and the meticulous review process completed for each project guarantee an optimum level of quality in our work. Thus we provide translations that closely reflect the original and a personalised assessment for each project so we can adapt to your requirements and ensure the highest levels of quality.

Areas of expertise

We translate to and from any language in the European Union, as well as Chinese, Arab, Japanese and Russian, to name a few. All our translators are native speakers, have the relevant qualifications and professional experience in the areas they work. Our areas of expertise include:

- Official Sworn Translation: Civil Register certificates, university qualifications, student records, court rulings, articles of association and any other official document.
- Legal Translation: contracts, statutes, articles of association, powers of attorney, court rulings, patents, claims, wills and any other legal documents.
- Financial Translation: annual accounts, financial statements, annual reports, audit reports, market studies, business reports and other financial documents.
- Marketing Translation: catalogues, leaflets, commercial presentations, advertising campaigns, web sites, blogs, printed advertising and any other promotional material.
- Technical and Engineering Translation: technical specifications, tenders, technical studies, regulations and standards, operation manuals and any other technical documents.
- Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation: pharmacology, medication development processes, protocols, clinical studies, patents, medical reports and other documents.

Who are we?

María Pilar Lahuerta, SWORN Translator and Interpreter in English by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Degree in Translation and Interpretation by the Universidad Europea de Madrid, specialised in English, German and Italian Legal and Financial Translation, Advance Diploma in Foreign Trade by the ICEX and the Consejo Superior de Cámaras de Comercio. Working since 2005 in professional translations and extensive experience in business development, commercial managements and project management.

With the help of a team of highly qualified professionals, María Pilar offers her clients integral translation, review, edition, localisation and transcription solutions. Her continuous growth is based on the high quality and professionalism of her services, as well as on a very efficient work methodology, highly trusted by her clients.
  • With MP TRANSLATIONS we have the best professional translation service for the documentation of all our products commercialised in the export market.
    Lecitrailer, S.A.
  • We entrust our international projects to MP TRANSLATIONS because the collaborate with specialised professionals and they adapt themselves to our needs, offering a fast and high quality translation service.
    Mining & Management, S.L.
  • We have been working with MP TRANSLATIONS since they started in 2005 and they have proved to be invaluable collaborators. A serious and committed company we can trust our business documentation to.
    Inversiones Urbanas Collarada, S.A.
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